About Us

comm’on is a non-profit organisation based in Ghent- Belgium, engaged in artistic and community based projects, nationally and internationally.

Our primary focus is to support, promote and create projects, both artistic and educational, within the field of the performing arts towards interdisciplinary artistic practices. Performance is our common ground and from there we ask how we can dialogue and create with other media, towards new languages and pedagogical practices.

Our emphasis is on groundbreaking research within the practice itself and its relationship with broader socio-political context. Our work focuses on developing and recycling practices that meet the needs of specific groups, communities and individuals with the goal of working in an inclusive and sustainable way.

As an organisation consisting of people of various nationalities, we want to pay particular attention to cultural diversity, to address relevant social issues and to approach the world from different points of view.

comm’on develops artistic projects, offers workshops, classes and exchange sessions based on several tactics for dialogue.