Brugse Poort Koort

This weekly choir sessions at the Brugse Poort neighbourhood of Gent, is supported by Bij’ De Vieze Gasten and funded by the City of Ghent through Goeste Majeur.

The choir is composed by a large variety of the many nationalities of immigrants that live in the area, engaging with their songs to compose a diverse repertoire. The choir performs regularly, in collaboration with other projects of the city.


During the winter – spring ’21 and in full lockdown, Goeste Majeur in collaboration with comm’on, made music with an enthusiastic group of creative people. Each from his / her room and one by one at the micro.

The result was a series of 9 musical gems and beautiful images entitled ‘Collage au Village’.

The result pops up here and there in a travelling bird box through the neighbourhood De Brugse Poort.

Collage au Village looks for inspiration in the neighbourhood and converts this into a collective repertoire that we sing and play together. It goes from rap to new folk music, from Sephardic songs to trumpet playing. A mess of irregulars – everyone is welcome to join in – forms an orchestra with choir and stamps and blows away!

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Here you can see some of our videoclips and images.
Collage au Village 2021 was created by:
Adriana (concept, vocals, dance), Leonardo (cyclist), Erik (vocals, dance), Lien (vocals, dance), Beatrijs (dance), Ihsene (vocals), Trui (vocals), Geert (popup board), Annelies (percussion, rap, dance), Dorine (percussion, rap), Lieven (percussion), Garreth (percussion), Sonja (vocals), Michele (vocals, dance), Lien, Femke (vocals), Paola (voice), Sien (flute, vocals, stop motion), Franz (guitar, vocals), Linus (stop motion), Florian (stop motion), Andries (trumpet, mouth harp, kazoo, dance), Wouter (trumpet, lyrics), Eva (trumpet), George ( trumpet), Yves (saxophone), Dorien (violin, sax), Audrey (cello), Tister (percussion, dance), Leen (dance), Thea (dance), Sirus (dance), Isolde (vocals), Edith (vocals ), Joshua (vocals), Misha (vocals), André (voice), Raju (vocals, violin), Ahmed (oud), Lotte (accordion), Misra (vocals), Mustafa (vocals, saz), André (text) , Daniel (guitar, clarinet, vocals), Jonas (concept, accordion, vocals, dulcimer), Evert (concept, arrangement), Tomash (concept), Bart (concept, arrangement, trumpet, baritone), Lisa (co ncept, vocals, logistics), Esther (vocals), Thomas (recordings and mix), Jakob (images and editing), Patrice (cicadas), Wanne (dance), Eline (dance), Eden (song and dance), Mathis ( vocals and extra), Louis (vocals and extra), Remi (vocals and extra), Romy (vocals and extra), Kaat (vocals and extra) and Vinke (vocals and extra)