Workshops & Training

comm’on offers a series of workshops in Ghent and abroad in collaboration with Cross Pollination. 

The workshops are aimed at students and young professionals in performing arts and offers participants the opportunity to engage actively in CP’s unique training, research and creation process with experienced artist-facilitators, while strengthening the development of their personal practice. Workshops are always given by two or more facilitators.

The artist-facilitators of Cross Pollination have many years of professional performing, teaching and research experience in different fields of the performing arts and somatics. They bring a variety of embodied techniques and methodologies to the workshop, such as physical acting techniques, physical comedy, commedia and street theatre, clowning, world music and jazz (including Balinese kecak and klezmer music), Chinese embodied culture, choir singing, rhythm work, tap dance, contemporary dance, Roy Hart vocal techniques. The performative techniques are complemented by somatic practices, including energetic work, breathwork and meditative movement.

Drawing on a unique array of interdisciplinary tactics, the artists and researchers of our platform, introduce to the participants foundational aspects of voice work, physical theatre and somatic techniques, filtered through a collaborative creative ethos. During the process, you will:

  • Awaken and reactivate your attention and creativity;
  • Explore the expressive potential of your body and voice in a safe environment;
  • Think through practice;
  • Cultivate presence and connection
  • Increase agility, sensitivity and curiosity through the lens of different practices
Outcomes for participants may include
  • Development of performative material 
  • Devising of research and project proposals for further exploration
Development of artistic practice
  • A personal practice and how to nourish it in the long term
  • Creative relationships through sharing training, practice and artistic research
  • Increase agility, sensitivity and curiosity by looking through the lens of another’s practice
  • Resilience, trust and an ability needed to work in challenging, fragmented and uncertain circumstances as a professional artist

Through this process participants explore and broaden their own potential and skills in relation with their own particular practices, engaging in peer to peer learning, professional dialogue and reflection.

The field of performing arts becomes a common place where relevant social subjects and contemporary problems can be approached in different ways. Due to the inclusive approach to the methodologies used, the workshops create an open space where multiple intercultural relations create bridges between different social groups.